What we do

  • The focus of our work:


• Project planning: We plan and develop renewable energy projects according to the social and economic needs of developing countries.

• Product development "Smart Biogas Plant": We have successfully developed a smart biogas plant based on organic kitchen waste. The plant is unique and integrated with a solar system.

• Product development "SepToilet": Our smart toilets with septic tanks are cost effective, provide a clean environment and produce gas for energy use.

• R&D "Solar systems": We are conducting research and development in order to design economical and energy efficient solar systems.

• R&D "Biogas plants": We are currently working on smart biogas plants for agricultural and semi-commercial uses.

• Capacity building/training: We are not only marketing our products. We actively promote sustainable development and a green environment..

• Nagaro Water Services: Nagaro water services (NWS) is offering consulting in full range of water management. Our services are based on the most recent scientific developments.

• Nagaro Water Services "Consultancy": Nagaro water services (NWS) provides consultancy and services which includes simulations, groundwater remediation, groundwater protection, mine water management and water quality assessments

• Nagaro Water Services "Aim": Nagaro water services (NWS) aim is to satisfy the clients by presenting long lasting solutions which assure the continuous development of their projects