Smart Biogas Plant

NAGARO’s Smart Biogas System

We have successfully developed a smart biogas system. This unique plant is based on organic/kitchen waste and incorporates an integrated solar system.

Our Smart Biogas Plant consists of

• a digester tank with a capacity of one cubic meter and

• a biogas storage chamber with a capacity of about 0.5 cubic meters.



The advantages of our Smart Biogas System at a glance:

• Easy to carry, easy to feed

• Suitable for both kitchen waste and cow manure

• Solar based stirring system for more efficiency

• No construction work necessary

• Long life span


Nagaro’s Smart Biogas plant is a prefabricated and portable machine consists of digester tank and a biogas storage chamber. The digester has unique property, i.e. down-stream technology, integrated solar system with DC motor for digester agitation/mixing system and manual digester agitation/mixing system. This system is going to be introduced first time in any portable biogas plant in the world. The digester working principle is based on continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR) digesters and it is low-tech. The complete digester mixing enhances the biogas production up to 40%. It produce up to 2 cubic meter biogas per day which is sufficient to burn a single stove up to 10 hours depending upon the type of feed stock used. In other way, this gas can be used for cooking or other application e.g. electricity generation, milk chilling, cheese making and drying the fruits and vegetable. Moreover, the smart biogas plant reduces the GHG emissions, raises the living standard, process the organic waste and minimize the industrial waste by reusing the plastic by-product (IBC container) and electrical/electronic waste from automobile industry(motor for agitation).

What is the difference between NAGARO’s Smart Biogas System and conventional biogas plants?

Description Conventional Biogas System Nagaro's Smart Biogas System
Amount of feedstock required 40 kg + 40 L water 1-3 kg + 3-10 L water
Nature of required feed stock Dung Any starchy material
Reaction time 40 Days 3-21 Days
Standard size of household biogas plant 4000 L 1000 L
System Details Without insulation, heating, and stirring system With insulation and integrated solar based heating & stirring system
Amount and nature of slurry to be disposed 80 L sludge 2-10 L watery
Construction Time (civil work) 40-90 Days "No" civil construction work